Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cara manual update KIS7

Berikut ini cara manual untuk update KIS7 (Kaspersky Internet Security 7).
Maaf masih menggunakan bahasa inggris, hasil copas dari website resminya, insyaallah nanti ada versi indonesianya :)

How to install?

When unpacking archives, follow the rules:

  1. the * archive should be unpacked to a separate folder (do not unpack the archives ** into this folder);

  2. the archives * and * can be unpacked into a common folder. When unpacking, click Yes when you are suggested to replace files with the same name.

  3. and do not unpack archives with different sets of databases (for example, anti-virus databases and anti-virus + network attacks) into a common folder!

Having unpacked the archives run automatic database update. As the first update source define the folder with the unpacked archive * (if it exists), as the second – the folder with the unpacked archives * and * in the update task.

How to configure the product to update from a local folder?

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the archives, configure the product to update from these folders:

  • Open the main application window

  • Click the Settings button

  • In the left part of the Settings window select Update

  • In the right part of the Settings window in the Update settings section click Configure

  • Go to the Update source tab

  • Click Add

  • Specify the update folder

  • Click OK

  • Clear the boxes Kaspersky Lab’s update servers on the Update source tab

  • Click OK

  • Run the update process

  • Perform the same actions for another folder (if necessary)

The Updates folder in the root directory C:\ is the folder into which the archives have been previously unzipped.

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